I expect there’s nothing you’d want to know about me that won’t eventually be revealed somewhere in this blog’s entries. I’m a self-identified Sherlockian (duh) who’s been into this stuff on her own for more than four decades (since adolescence, that is). During that time (especially once the Internet came along), I would occasionally dip my toe into the wider Sherlockian world, but it’s only within the last five years that I (finally) joined a local Holmes society, getting very involved right away.

A faithful Scotchwoman” is the nom de guerre I adopt in Holmesian hangouts that ask you to choose a Canonical nickname (do you know which story it’s from?), so I’m using it on this site, as well (though WordPress insists on “afaithfulscotchwoman” — really, WordPress?). That clue alone may be enough for someone who knows me In Real Life to deduce my identity; if it isn’t, then something else I write undoubtedly will be. And that’s fine; the main reason I leave my actual name off of most of my online activity is that I’m a teacher who doesn’t think her students ought to be able to learn everything about her in a simple Google search.

As to why I’ve created a Sherlockian blog, well, I was starting to worry that I was the only person in the fandom without one! No, seriously, I just thought it might be fun to have a place in which to obsess out loud about the life-long hobby that’s definitely taking up a lot of my brain space these days. If you also think that sounds like fun, then I hope you’ll leave me the occasional comment!


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